From Our Members

Charles E. Amato


While attending TBLC meetings, I have the opportunity to meet with other business leaders who have a great deal of influence regarding many important issues in the state. I also enjoy developing new friendships with folks I may not otherwise meet.

Richard W. Weekley

Weekley Development Company

Having served on the TBLC since it was created, I can attest to the effectiveness of uniting CEOs from across Texas to focus on our state’s priority public policy issues. The TBLC has a history of working closely with our state’s appointed and elected leaders to provide data-based research and specific recommendations upon which legislative action can be taken.

Nicholas T. Serafy, Jr.

Proficiency Testing Service, Inc.

I am motivated to participate in the TBLC and attend events because of the quality programming that engages my interest. The TBLC also allows me to have an effective voice in public policy issues.

Gay W. Gaddis

President & CEO
T3 - The Think Tank

My company, T3 serves marketing clients on a national and international basis. I belong to several business groups that focus on national programs and industry matters. The TBLC is my source of in-depth information regarding Texas, where we are headquartered. I am delighted to be a part of this prestigious organization that cares so deeply about the future of Texas’s citizens and our business environment.